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What we do

Whether you’re trying to get help coordinating a Digital Workspace One implementation or just need assistance with your existing Horizon infrastructure environment, VMPal can provide services as assessment, strategy, design and implementation of your desktop and application delivery methods. VMPal provides guidance step by step on every level of detail required to build The Next-Generation Desktop and App Delivery Platform. From a POC to Production or Migration, we advise the steps to deliver successful results and to avoid the technical pitfalls. We will provide assistance in building a phased plan across people, processes and technology that will address your specific digital workspace goals.

Here is how we can get you jump started


Assess your current environment to determine your needs and gaps.

vmware consultant
vmware consultant


Develop a strategy for delivering the right solution for each business unit.


Build a design that balances usability and security based on your business requirements.

vmware consultant
vmware consultant


Execute a pilot deployment that gives your teams the operational knowledge they need to manage their environment.

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